Jun 29, 2012

Get 20% off your bill at ChinaHouse!

ChinaHouse recently took part in the Tastes of Europe Fest 2012 and put out a special promotion for the fair. As followers of our social media pages (blog, Facebook & Twitter), we would like to extend to you the same discount!! See attached flier for further details, and remember to print it out to enjoy the discount!! Looking forward to hosting you in ChinaHouse... until July 6 only!

For more information on ChinaHouse, do feel free to get in touch!

153-155 Beach Street, 10300 Georgetown, Penang
T 04 263 7299   E info@chinahouse.com.my

Jun 16, 2012

The George Town Festival is on!!!

The new edition of the George Town Festival was launched on June 15 and will last for one whole month!!!

ChinaHouse and Studio at Straits are of course involved in the hosting of art shows & performances during this period. You can view all the programme details on the following flyer.

Here are a few pictures from the 'Beautiful Junk' exhibition currently held both in ChinaHouse and Studio (all photos courtesy of Beautiful Junk). If you're interested in a dive into the dynamic, refreshing Malaysian art scene, you simply cannot miss this show!

This year's festival opened with the presentation entitled 'Silat- Our Heritage for the World', which recreated the well-known Malaysian tales of the legendary Hang Tuah and his magic kris dagger, Taming Sari.