Dec 10, 2011

Currently ongoing @Studio and @ChinaHouse...

With the opening of ChinaHouse on Beach Street, Brand Bon Ton is now blessed with enough room space to hold more than just one exhibition at once. As our main gallery, Studio at Straits is now proudly exhibiting a collection of contemporary ceramics by Alex Tan and Cheah Yeow Seng. Come and be enthralled by the design and colors of these masterful art pieces, some reminiscent of old Chinese ceramics but truly in a league of their own. This exhibition will be held until December 18, so make sure to make some room in your busy schedules to follow Tan's and Cheah's footsteps in the wonderland of pottery.

As for ChinaHouse, two exhibitions are concurrently being held. The first one, entitled Faces of Expression, are paintings from Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines by the artist collective House of Matahati. Here's the introduction to this extremely evocative exhibition, to be held until December 26 at Art Space I :
"Being one of the largest means of human communication, expression has always been the trait that defined us the most. Self representation comes after expression, as a conscious choice of individuals on how they wish for others to perceive themselves. The back and forth of emotions and their messages form a collective negotiation that is a constant everyday struggle. This dynamics of expression is expressed and suggested in the paintings, and presented for the inspection and appreciation by the viewer".
The second exhibition, beautifully named Equilibration and Expiration, is a photographic essay by Malaysian artist Fauzi Husin :
"According to Jean Piaget, a cognitive psychologist, when external reality does not match with the logical internal mental structures, Equilibration occurs as an effort to bring balance as the person adapts more sophisticated mental structures. On the other hand, like products display on the shelves of a supermarket, Fauzi Husin sees Expiration as something that revolves around life, existence, mortality and the process of aging and decay. These two series are the photographer's exploration of Equilibration and Expiration."
Equilibration and Expiration will be held until December 26 in ChinaHouse's Art Space II.

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